Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

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NAAS Rating: 5.21

NAAS Rating: 5.21 new

Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

Vol. 4, Issue 4 (2015)

Formulation, nutritional and phytochemical analysis of ready to mix infant Food using Gorgon Nut, Samak Rice and Banana powder

Author(s): Malvika Bana, Rajinder K Gupta
Abstract: The objective of thernstudy was to develop nutritious, accessible and stable infant food formulationrnwhich would improve cognitive and behavior abilities of Indian children. Twornformulations (F1 and F2) based on Gorgon Nut (Euryale ferox), Samak ricern(Echinochloa colonum) and Banana Powder (Musa cavendish)rnwere prepared in which milk powder and sugar were added to increase thernsolubility and taste of the product. The formulation with better taste wasrnaccepted and further testing procedures were performed on the best formulationrn(F1). The formulation was prepared according to daily nutritional requirementsrnand composed to reach an equal energy value around 400 Kcal/100g. It was foundrnthat the formulations are rich in dietary fiber content with 18.94% dietaryrnfiber in F1 and 17.33% dietary fiber in F2. The mineral analysis of thernformulation (F1) showed that they are rich in Calcium (180 ppm), Magnesium (230rnppm), Phosphorus (765 ppm), Iron (23.75 ppm) and Zinc (12.50 ppm) content.rnSolvent extract of raw formulation has revealed that it has total phenolicrncontent 16.71µg GAE / mg extract and has total flavonoid content 85.26 µg CE /rnmg extract.
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