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Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

Vol. 6, Issue 6 (2017)

Price spread and marketing efficiency of groundnut marketing in Gorakhpur Districts of Eastern U.P.

Author(s): Sugriv Kumar Maurya, RR Kushwaha, KK Mourya and Sarvesh Kumar
Abstract: The paper attempts to analyze the marketing cost, marketing margin and price spread of groundnut marketing The study was based on intensive enquiry of 100 farmers, winch selected randomly from 5 sampled villages in khorabar block of district Gorakhpur Three marketing channel were found in study area i.e. (i) producer - consumer, (ii) producer – whole seller - retailer - consumer, and (iii) producer - village trader - whole seller - retailer - consumer. Overall per farm marketed surplus was worked out 79.24 per cent. The producer s share in consumer rupee was worked out 97.89, 83.13 and 80.79 per cent in channel - I, II and III respectively. The producer s share in consumer rupee was decreased with increase m number of intermediaries. The marketing cost came to 2.11, 6.20 and 6.71 per cent m channel - I, II and III respectively. Marketing margin of middlemen in consumer rupee came to 12.66 per cent and 12.50 per cent in channel - II and charnel - III respectively. The marketing cost and marketing margin were increased with increase in number of intermediaries.
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