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Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

Vol. 3, Issue 3 (2014)

Antilipase, antiproliferatic and antiradical activities of methanolic extracts of Vinca major

Author(s): Sukhdev Singh, Jyoti Gupta and Shamsher S. Kanwar
Abstract: Plants offer us bioactive molecules those may serve as safer therapeutics to combat existing new world diseases, and obesity is the major concern among them. Pancreatic lipase inhibitors from plant sources may prove as promising side effects lacking antiobesity therapeutics. Very rare knowledge is elaborated about ancient plants which are used traditionally as ailments to treat various problems by tribal communities in Himalayas region. Keeping this in mind, present study was conceived with the objective of antilipase screening of ethnobotanic flora of Western Himalaya (Shimla region). Antilipolytic function of Vinca major was assessed using porcine pancreatic lipase (PPL; triacylglycerol lipase, EC in an in vitro assay system with p-nitrophenyl palmitate (p-NPP) as a substrate. Amongst screened plants, Vinca major flower extract (VFE) exhibited the highest inhibitory effect in a reversible manner with an IC50 value of 403 μg/ml. Kinetic studies demonstrated that VFE exerted a mixed type of inhibition on PPL. Additionally, antiproliferative, antioxidant and hemolytic effects of VFE were also assessed in vitro. VFE reduce growth of Hep-2 cells with IC50 value of 228 μg/ml. Antioxidant activities were evaluated by using different free radicals (DPPH, H2O2, superoxide and hydroxyl). The antioxidant activity of Vinca leaf extract (VLE) was proved to be better than the flower extract but it appeared to be lower when compared to ascorbic acid. VLE eliminated DPPH, H2O2, superoxide and hydroxyl radicals in dose dependent manner with IC50 values of 170, 600, 421 and 611 μg/ml, respectively. Phytochemical constituents were quantified in Vinca flower and leaf extracts. Quantifications of total phenolics, tannins, flavonoids, alkaloids and saponins were done by taking tannic acid, quercetin, atropine and diosgenin as reference molecules. Both VLE and VFE possessed alkaloids and flavonoids in abundance respectively. VFE possessed mild hemolytic activity with an IC50 value of 2.40 mg/ml when assessed in vitro.
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Sukhdev Singh, Jyoti Gupta, Shamsher S. Kanwar. Antilipase, antiproliferatic and antiradical activities of methanolic extracts of Vinca major. J Pharmacogn Phytochem 2014;3(3):54-63.
Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry