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Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

Vol. 7, Issue 1 (2018)

Determination of geomorphological characteristics of Karpri-Kalu watershed using GIS techniques

Author(s): Dr. RD Bansod and GS Ajabe
Abstract: A Watershed is an ideal unit for management of resources like land and water for mitigation of the impact of natural disasters for achieving sustainable development. It provides a powerful study and management unit, which integrates ecological, geographical, geological, and cultural aspects of the land. GIS technique is used to estimate the morphological characteristics of watershed. Delineation of watershed using GIS is mainly based on the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data. The study area, watershed, 8.04 Km2, is located in Sangamner Tehsil of Ahmednagar district and lying between 74˚ 20’ 36’’ E to 74˚ 23’ 6’’ E longitude and 19˚ 21’ 34’’ N to 19˚ 23’ 56’’ N latitude. The average annual rainfall is 379 mm. Various operations were done to prepare contour and drainage maps. Areal, linear and relief aspects of watershed were estimated. The parameters worked out includes Stream order, Stream length ratio, Bifurcation ratio, Basin length, Length of overland flow, Form factor, Circulatory ratio, Elongation ratio, Stream frequency, Drainage density, Constant of channel maintenance, Maximum relief, Relative relief, Relief ratio and Ruggedness number. 4th order stream is trunk order. Total lengths of streams and total numbers of streams in each order are decreasing with increasing order. Bifurcation ratio for the watershed is 3.166. The form factor for the area is 0.424. From the value of elongation ratio 0.734, it is observed that the watershed is less elongated. The drainage density value for the basin area is 2.024Km/Km2 that is basin is poorly drained. The study will be useful for the planning of watershed harvesting and groundwater recharge projects on watershed basis.
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Dr. RD Bansod, GS Ajabe. Determination of geomorphological characteristics of Karpri-Kalu watershed using GIS techniques. J Pharmacogn Phytochem 2018;7(1):1940-1944.
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