Volume 1, Issue 4


Aloe Vera: The Miracle Plant Its Medicinal and Traditional Uses in India


Author: R. Rajeswari, M. Umadevi*, C. Sharmila Rahale, R.Pushpa, S. Selvavenkadesh, K. P. Sampath Kumar, Debjit Bhowmik (India)

Abstract: Aloe vera is the oldest medicinal plant ever known and the most applied medicinal plant worldwide. Extracts of Aloe Vera is a proven skin healer. Aloe Vera help to soothe skin injuries affected by burning, skin irritations, cuts and insect bites, and its bactericidal properties relieve itching and skin swellings. It is  known to help slow down the appearance of wrinkles and actively repair the damaged skin cells that cause the visible signs of aging.    Aloe is  a powerful detoxifier, antiseptic and tonic for the nervous system. It also has immune-boosting and anti-viral properties. Research has proven that adding Aloe Vera to ones diet improves digestion. As a general health tonic.  Aloe Vera is a useful source of vitamins. Aloe Vera Gel contains a large range of vitamins – even  vitamin B12, Vitamin A,  contains B-Group vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and folic acid. Aloe Vera Gel contains important ingredients including 19 of the 20 amino acids needed by the human body and seven of the eight essential ones that just cannot be made.

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