Volume 2, Issue 2


Feasibility studies on in vitro mass-scale propagation of Indian Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) cultivars for commercial purpose


Author(s): Pooja Patel, R. Krishnamurthy*
Maliba Research Centre for Excellence in Tissue Culture, Maliba Campus, C. G. Bhakta Institute of Biotechnology, Maliba Campus, Uka Tarsadia University, Bardoli, Dist. Surat, Gujarat, India-394350.

Abstract: The explants with higher regeneration potential raised through in vitro germination of seeds of two genotypes of Withania somnifera namely: WS-100 and WS-134 were cultured on MS basal media fortified with 0.6mg/ml BAP and 0.4 mg/ml IAA. Culture medium MS + 0.2 mg/l BAP + 30.0 gm/l sucrose + 7.5 gm/l agar, induced callus in higher frequencies in both the varieties. While in multiple shooting, maximum shoots were observed in WS 100 with MS+0.2 mg/lit BAP+0.2 mg/lit IAA and in WS 134 with MS+0.3mg/l BAP + 0.2 mg/l IAA. Higher in vitro rooting response was achieved on rooting medium MS + 5.0 mg/1 IBA + 25.0 gm/1 sucrose + 7.5 gm/1 agar in WS 100 and in WS 134 with MS +0.6 mg/l BAP+ 2.5 mg/1 IBA + 25.0 gm/1 sucrose + 7.5 gm/1 agar. In terms of in vitro genotypic response, genotype WS-100 was found significantly superior to WS-134 for the most of the attributes investigated. Regenerated plantlets were established successfully in the field after primary and secondary hardening. The present investigation brought out possibility of mass-scale in vitro (micropropagation) production of Indian Ashwagandha cultivars.


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Withania somnifera


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