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Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

Vol. 6, Special Issue 6 (2017)

Effect of integrated weed management in turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) - A Review


Shruti Bharty and Praveen Kumar

Weed infestation is one of the limiting factors in successful crop production. Any plant competing with cultivated plants or that in some other way interfere with man’s legitimate activities is considered to be a weed. Weeds are often referred to as unwanted, prolific, persistent, competitive and harmful to the environment. Weeds are a great menace and a reduction in crop yield has a direct correlation with weed competition. There are many methods of weed control like hand weeding, cultural method, chemical method and integrated weed management. Farmers usually perform hand weeding in turmeric crop but timely availability during critical stages of crop growth, the yield reduces drastically besides high labour wages reduces profit margin. Chemical method of weed control is not only cheaper but also feasible for timely application, however, it requires more care with reference to appropriate selection of herbicide, its dose and time of application. Efficacy of herbicides also depends on several factors like type of weed flora, soil type, organic matter content of the soil, weather condition etc. The information related to chemical method of weed control in turmeric is meager. Single method of weed control cannot control all the category of weeds in a particular situation. Hence combination of other weed control methods as well as combination of other herbicides with appropriate dose and time of application is required for maximum weed control efficiency. In this connection, the literature on various aspects related to the proposed study was collected and summarized in this chapter.

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Shruti Bharty and Praveen Kumar. Effect of integrated weed management in turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) - A Review. J Pharmacogn Phytochem 2017;6(6S):707-716.

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