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Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

Vol. 7, Special Issue 1 (2018)

Impact of climate resilient varieties on crop productivity in NICRA village


SV Sonune and SB Mane

India is more vulnerable in view of the high population depending on agriculture, excessive pressure on natural resources and poor coping mechanisms. In India, significant negative impact have been implied with medium-term (2010-2039) climate change, predicted to reduce yield by 4.5 to 9 per cent, which is roughly up to 1.5 per cent of GDP per year (Venkateswarlu et al., 2013). Rainfed agriculture which constitutes nearly 58 per cent of net cultivated area will be the most impacted. With this background, ICAR has launched a major network project, National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA), during 2010-11. In first phase 100 vulnerable districts were covered under this project adding 21 new districts second phase to undertake strategic research on adaption and mitigation, fill critical research gaps and demonstrate technologies on farmers’ fields to cope up with current climate variability and capacity building of different stakeholders. The impact of climate resilient varieties of crops was studied by KVK, Jalna during 2015-16 and 2016-17 in NICRA village which shows 75.23 per cent yield increase in Pigeon pea due to introduction of short duration variety BDN-711 under protective irrigation. Improved variety of Soybean MAUS-71 given higher yield of 15 per cent over traditional practice with use of BBF technology. The heat tolerant wheat variety Netravati (NIAW-1415) in Rabi season contributed 27 per cent higher yield over local check variety Lok-1. Rabi Sorghum variety Parbhani Moti and Digvijay variety of Bengal Gram contributed 91 per cent and 30 per cent yield increase respectively. (Annual Progress Report, 2016-17). This paper aims to document impact of climate resilient varieties and suggest strategy for up-scaling and out-scaling of these technologies

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SV Sonune and SB Mane. Impact of climate resilient varieties on crop productivity in NICRA village. J Pharmacogn Phytochem 2018;7(1S):3210-3212.

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