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Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

Vol. 7, Special Issue 3 (2018)

Production and marketing of Udupi Mallige in Udupi District of Karnataka: An economic analysis


Shreeshail Rudrapur, Kiran Kumar R Patil and Chinnappa B

Udupi mallige is also known as Shankarapura mallige which enjoys a geographical indication (GI) tag, is all set to spread its fragrance, with efforts being made to market it far and wide. Most of the farmers are growing the crop on an average area of 0.25 acre. The study was conducted to know the economic viability of Udupi mallige cultivation in the study area. In order to work out economics, 30 sample farmers growing Udupi mallige were selected randomly. The budgeting technique was employed to assess economic viability of the crop. In addition, marketing aspects of Udupi mallige has got greater relevance. Hence, an attempt has also been made to identify the traders involved in marketing of Udupi mallige. The growers of Udupi mallige realizes stabilized yield from fourth year of its plantation. Hence, the expenditure made on the crop for three years was considered as establishment cost. The total establishment cost for three years was Rs. 3,01, 721. The total yield realized during establishment period was 1,023.75 atte. The average price per atte was considered to work out gross returns. Accordingly, Rs. 300 during summer season and Rs. 500 during rainy and winter seasons were considered to obtain gross returns. The gross returns and net establishment cost came to Rs. 3,73,875 and Rs. 72,153, respectively. Fourth year onwards, cost incurred towards cultivation of mallige is considered as maintenance cost. The profit realized by farmer was Rs. 1,75,579. The economic viability of crop reflected in terms of BC ratio came to 2.04. The profit accrued to wholesalers was Rs. 16.10/atte and Rs. 13.86/atte during lean and flush seasons, respectively whereas the profit realized by retailers during winter and rainy seasons came to Rs. 79.27/atte and Rs. 25.18/atte during summer season. The study also revealed that the producer share in consumer rupee in summer season was found to be high (84.27 %) compared to rainy and winter seasons (74.19 %).

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Shreeshail Rudrapur, Kiran Kumar R Patil and Chinnappa B. Production and marketing of Udupi Mallige in Udupi District of Karnataka: An economic analysis. J Pharmacogn Phytochem 2018;7(3S):430-435.

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