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Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

Vol. 8, Special Issue 1 (2019)

Importance and standard manufacturing procedure protocol for Rasanadi Guggulu


Chhaya, Singh Azad and Wineet Chawla

Guggulu is oleo gum resin (oleo resin) that exudes results of injury from the bark of genus Commiphora mukul Hook. Ex Stocks is belongs to the rosid dicot family. It possesses a huge ethno medical history and represents a phytochemicals reservoir of heuristic medical values. Guggulu is one in all the ingredients of the many imperative formulations utilized in the Ayurveda most of that square measure named with suffix ‘guggulu’. Guggulsterone a main active substance in gugulipid, an extract of the C. mukul, won’t to treat a spread of disorders in human. It is ascertained that pure guggulu is employed in numerous guggulu formulations in varied sickness conditions with or without specific anupana. The formulation conception of guggulu in piece of writing characterized for higher pharmacokinetic and polyvalent effects with multiple mechanism of drug action. Hence, it's would like of gift era to conduct the diagnosing and clinical test to support the therapeutic efficaciousness of Guggulu formulations cited within the ancient literatures. Guggulu preparation is one of the most important classical preparations in ancient literature. Rasana is a wonderful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving herb, helpful in headache, earache, neurologic pains etc. Ginger, Devdaru and Eranda square measure glorious Vatahara herbs balance Vata Dosha. Guggulu formulation being administered over 1000s of years can be generalized; above Ayurvedic formulations of Guggulu has helped treating conditions giving an alternate support to the patients. It discusses in detail, the effects thereof to the patients. It concludes saying neurological conditions can be treated with the help of Guggulu Rasayan.

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Chhaya, Singh Azad and Wineet Chawla. Importance and standard manufacturing procedure protocol for Rasanadi Guggulu. J Pharmacogn Phytochem 2019;8(1S):662-664.

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