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Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

Vol. 13, Issue 3 (2024)
S. No. Title and Authors Name Country
Formulation and evaluation of herbal capsule based on Indian medicinal plants for cancer therapy
Deepak Somavanshi, Aakanksha Jadhav, Jagruti Jadhav, Tushar Hire, Aachal Londhe, Meghana Gangurde and Gitanjali Dasnur
Pages: 01-05  |  234 Views  106 Downloads  |  Country: India
A concentrated phenolic compounds extract from Khaya grandifoliola CDC exhibits anti-oxidant and anti-TNFα activities
Ridel Mbiandou Njami, Ferdinand Kouoh Elombo, Sylvain Nsangou Pechangou, Bradley Bolling, Frederic Nico Njayou and Paul Fewou Moundipa
Pages: 06-12  |  129 Views  68 Downloads  |  Country: Cameroon
Role of single drug formulation Mavilinga pattai choornam for sagana vadham (Cervical spondylosis) - review
Radha SP, Aruldevi S, Kavinilavu L, Abarna S and Yamini Priyadharshini S
Pages: 13-15  |  71 Views  34 Downloads  |  Country: India
Identification of adulterant present in coriander powder using FTIR spectroscopy and chemical method
Tamanna Begaam, Nand Lal, Neelam Pal, Ashish Kumar Singh and Anuradha Tiwari
Pages: 16-22  |  131 Views  79 Downloads  |  Country: India
Acute and subacute toxicities of an aqueous leaves extract of Ceiba pentadra (bombacaceae), a antihypertensive plant, and its ethanolic fraction in wistar rats
Gnamien N’da Amani, Zahoui Ouga Stanislas, Kassi Yomalan and Nene Bi Semi Anthelme
Pages: 23-30  |  208 Views  54 Downloads  |  Country: Cote D Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
Cote D Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
Synthesis of nanoparticles from weeds a better alternative of weed utilization: A review
Dr. Nidhi Verma, Dr. Renu Budhwar and Dr. Jyoti Ahlawat
Pages: 31-33  |  84 Views  40 Downloads  |  Country: India
Rice bean (Vigna Umbellata) the forgotten gold: unraveling the commercial, nutritional and medicinal value
Salman Ahmed and Shahnila Jamil
Pages: 34-36  |  72 Views  21 Downloads  |  Country: Pakistan
Evaluation of phytochemical composition and in-vitro assessment of antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of various medicinal plant extracts
Prapula Thejashwini P, Madhusudhan MC, Sushma T, Gulnaz AR, Arpitha CH Gowda, Roopa G, Pushpalatha HG and Geetha N
Pages: 37-45  |  85 Views  39 Downloads  |  Country: India
Water chestnut (Trapa natans L.): Nutritional, phytochemical and pharmacological aspects (An Overview)
Dr. Vanita Kanase, Aman Gupta, Komal Patil, Ashniya Bandarkar and Dr. Mohib Khan
Pages: 46-50  |  98 Views  38 Downloads  |  Country: India
Formulation and evaluation of herbal hair mask
Gauri S Jujgar, Priyanka Balasaheb Kale, Vaibhav Haridas Jagdale, Priyanka Appasaheb Kadam, Kanchan Ramdas Jagatap, Gauri Rangnath Jawale and Rupali Sanjay Joshi
Pages: 51-59  |  163 Views  102 Downloads  |  Country: India
Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

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