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Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

Vol. 7, Special Issue 4 (2018)

Mechanical engineering - A boon for food industries


Mahwish Alam

Mechanical Engineering in Agriculture and Food Industry is a part of the new discipline called agro-technical which indeed serves as a boon for the industry. The history of Food goes back and found in almost all history after evolution of the earthly world and also predate before the existence of this world which can be found in mostly religious manuscript with the first person created in heaven. And thus the history of Mechanical Engineering goes back and relate to the human who were in need of food for their survival at that time. Hence it is obvious and clearly visible that the mechanical engineering is one of the most ancient branches of engineering discipline and had served the mankind from the day of the existence of world up to this day. Since then, a new development is going on and on in the field of mechanical engineering which in turn propels its advancement impact on the food industries. This paper will hence therefore deal with the author personal experience with the day to day world movement from past to present in the field of Mechanical Engineering focused on the food Industries.

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Mahwish Alam. Mechanical engineering - A boon for food industries. J Pharmacogn Phytochem 2018;7(4S):120-123.

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